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#ЯВОЛОДЯ or how to cheat newcomers beauties

Vladimir on the Internet met with Olga Pervukh woman from Rostov.
She divorced her husband and moved to Vladimir in Moscow. Then Olga asked
to make her permanent residence ,otherwise it will return to Rostov. Vladimir
as a loving man ordered her.Another woman stated that in their family not
decided to live in civil marriage and they got married. Further more.Olya
demanded to register her daughter Nastya and Vladimir went back to the woman
meet. Vladimir was very fond of Olga,
and she slowly took
hold of his estate and gradually almost all came to her.So first
Volodya rewrote her car,and then the country!! It remained for the small— for
the apartment,but then stepped the son of Volodya Fedor and take possession of the apartment
managed.Then the mood Oli has changed dramatically , began the scandals and she
having stolen the car Volodya has absconded with his daughter Nastya from the apartment
everything that could be stolen!! Was empty, even the refrigerator!!!Quite
accidentally learned that in Moscow there are ex-husband Oli and they are now
together!Maybe a coincidence, maybe not!Maybe that was the idea!

the invalid.He often was seriously ill and is in hospital. The diagnosis of diabetes. It
wife Olga has always been good about his illness.She is even better–faster
zagnetsya! After her escape -Vladimir filed for divorce and as a result
several meetings in Istrinsky city court drove them apart.The judge
awarded a dacha and a car that were purchased long before the marriage OLE.
You have to understand that Vladimir has children already and a grandson who would love spending the summer at the cottage.

It is unclear why the judge issued such an unfair decision!To deprive a disabled vehicle just a crime!
the time to appeal. But we are afraid that the new court will again stand on
the side of the crook and the cripple will have nothing!We want to attract
attention to this issue and think that many gullible people
to be the same situation..And the story ends maybe so: On the street
hobbled with a cane disabled. The nearest shop “pjaterochki” 200 meters, but as
it is difficult to overcome them with bad feet. Meanwhile Volodin on the jeep
the next street was driving Olga First – the one from Rostov. Good car
it has a cottage there!She was driving and oncoming drivers are smiling at her. Life
managed thought Olga! Or we can change something in this
Please HELP!!!
Phone Vladimir— 8-(977)-812-16-26, 8(903)173-24-58
credit card of Sberbank 639002389017362740 Vladimir Nikolaevich

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