HomeVideoநீரிழிவு நோய் எப்படி கட்டுப்படுத்துவது இதை பாருங்க || See how it treats diabetes ||

நீரிழிவு நோய் எப்படி கட்டுப்படுத்துவது இதை பாருங்க || See how it treats diabetes ||

நீரிழிவு நோய் எப்படி கட்டுப்படுத்துவது இதை பாருங்க See how it treats diabetesThe glucose in the blood gives the necessary energy in our body tissues. However, the hormone of insulin is required to pay glucose tissues. On the back of the stomach there is a panicle called pancreas. Insulin is from here. When insulin is reduced, the tissues in the body are not able to get the blood glucose from the blood. This increases the volume of blood in the bloodstream. Excessive wheel joining the bloodstream affects the heart, small water bodies, eyes, and nervous system and blood vessels. If we do not adhere to the doctor’s advice, we will suffer bad consequences. Sometimes death can end. Those who control the blood sugar level can save themselves without affecting the above mentioned infections.

Careful diligence can lead to an average, satisfying life while diabetes. You must live with self-consciousness. Self-control is the proper diet of daily intake, exercise, reducing excess weight in the body, making blood tests in the right stages, taking medications according to the doctor’s advice.

Diabetes mellitus has three types

Type – 1: Diabetes

Type 2: Diabetes

Type – 3: Justified ~ Diabetes

Type 1: Diabetes

This type of juvenile diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes (also called insulin-based disease). About 5 to 10 percent of those who have been diagnosed with diabetes are of this type of diabetes. When resistance strengthens, these germs destroy the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas (pH nutrients). The lack of insulin in the cholesterol and cholesterol we get from the food we eat can not be used by our body. People with this type of diabetes are forced to take insulin. They can not produce ethylene. This is the age for children and young people. When it comes to health hazards it is suddenly. This can not be fixed. However, with the advancement of medicine, self-care can save you from these, avoiding complications, and live a healthy life.

Diabetes is caused by the use of dietary supplements such as mother and father, ghee, milk, meat, and consumption of moisturizers and disgusting foods.

Symptoms of Diabetes: –

Excess urine excretion. The color of the urine, the weight, the weight, the smell is like the color of water, the mass of the masses, the weight of the weight and the smell of honey. The urine is often exposed as clear water. The small drops of the exit are slightly bleached. Physical strength is less day-limited and dramatic.

Potuppanpukal: –

The body becomes thin, dry on the skin, dry and shriveled and bright yellow. There are signs of dizziness, excessive water hunt, excessive hunger, and hunger within a short time after eating.

This disease can also result in a variety of harms.

Create scarring, scab, housing, and so on. Disease can be dreaded by diabetes.

Type 1: Characteristics of Diabetes

It usually occurs in children

Sometimes water throes, urination, weight loss can cause problems.

It is not commonly inherited

Be wary of the disease.

Insulin is required to reduce the size of the wheel.

A slight change in diet, exercise, and amylase size may vary depending on the size of the blood in the blood.

Type 2: Diabetes

This is called insulin-independent diabetes. Usually affects people over the age of 40. They insulin insulin


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