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షుగర్ కి ఉల్లి చికిత్స డాక్టర్లు కూడా ఫాలో Ayurveda Onion Treatment For Diabetes Add Gossips

షుగర్ కి ఉల్లి చికిత్స డాక్టర్లు కూడా ఫాలో Ayurveda Onion Treatment For Diabetes

Yes, the only one onion is the sugar work. It is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine. In recent years, Ibda has shown good solutions to the growing sugar syrup. In addition to hollow milk drugs, the high sugar also results in 50 grams of onion. All you have to do is to eat the onion regularly as follows. This will ensure that you will experience amazing results in 7 days. Find out the best solution for our kitchen medicine for infected sugars due to Western habits.

Should do:
Eat 50 grams of green onions daily.
Even in the morning, it’s okay, even if you eat it in the morning .. the raw is eaten.
50 grams of green onion is equal to 20 units insulin.
7 days regularly eaten and comes to full control of the sugar control.
50 gms should be eaten at least once a little, noon or a little in the morning.
Grilled with green onion and sprinkle with rice.
Other benefits of green onion:
Cut the onion into thin slices and drink the pieces into the water and boil the urine in the urine.
If the onions are mixed with 3 tablespoons of vinegar, digestive problems are reduced and the systems are strengthened.
If the onion is pumped and pinch of black salt powder, it will take 2 to 3 times a day, if you have dandruff and vomiting.
If you eat green onions regularly, the menstrual problem in women will be reduced.
Eating green onions does not have problems like BP, Heart Attack, Asthma, Allergies, Infections, Cough, Cause, Insomnia and Obesity.
Massage the onion on the burns. This causes the inflammation in the area and the pain decreases. Infections are also not available.

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