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10 Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes

10 Risk Factors for Type 2 Diabetes
More than 400 million people were living with diabetes as of 2015, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

There are three major types of the diabetes: Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Of the three, Type 2 is the most common.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 90 percent of people around the world diagnosed with diabetes have Type 2.
In Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas makes insulin, but the cells are not able to use the insulin as well as they should. This is what experts call “insulin resistance”.

Initially, the pancreas makes more insulin to try to move glucose into the cells. But eventually, it can’t keep up and the sugar builds up in the bloodstream, leading to a high blood sugar level.

Many people with Type 2 diabetes are not even aware they have the disease, and this can contribute to various health complications associated with it. This makes it even more important to know the risk factors.
There are both non-modifiable as well as modifiable risk factors for Type 2 diabetes. While you cannot do much about the non-modifiable risk factors, there are many that you can control to help prevent yourself from developing this disease……….


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