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10. Stay away from these fruits suffer from diabetes //hindi//

मधुमेह से पीड़ित हैं तो इन 10 फलों से रहें दूर
10. Stay away from these fruits suffer from diabetes //hindi//
Also benefit from a balanced diet and healthy body is fine. If you include fruits in your diet then it makes you vitamins, carbohydrates and essential nutrients such as minerals are found. However, if you suffer from diabetes, some fruit will avoid mines. Though the fruit is very good for health, but if you suffer from diabetes may also suffer then. The fruit is the best source of nutrition and energy. The amount of antioxidants and nutrients in every fruit is different. The advantage of it depends on the individual needs of the body. If someone is suffering from diabetes Blood Sugar levels in different fruit body increases in varying degrees. If you want to be safe would be better that you avoid the intake of fruits, which increases blood sugar levels. Most fruits in the blood sugar levels are classified on the basis of their ability to change. Diabetics GI index value before eating any fruit must see. GI GI means. If it is 55 or less, the diabetic can eat it. Strawberry, pear and apple fruit, including some low carbohydrate and the diabetic patient can eat.


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