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1000 cranes for epilepsy and type 1 diabetes

I challenge all who are out their to make at least one origami crane and send it to me. In Japan once u make and string together 1000 cranes u get and wish And I want to send wishes to the kids battling epilepsy and type 1 diabetes. If u would also like to write a message to the kids on the crane to empower them please do.

All cranes can be sent to me at
Brittany Loka
200E first St apt.A
Merrill Wi 54452

Please help me to make wishes come true and bring epilepsy and type 1 diabetes into the light.

If u don’t know how to make a crane YouTube has tons of videos ( I would make one but not the best teacher lol) please help me and challenge everyone you know and use #wishforawareness


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