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2 year Transformation as Type 1 Diabetic 15-17 "Sven_Seven"

This is my 2 year Body Transformation as a Type 1 Diabetic! At the age of 15 when I was extreme skinny and tall I first started working out. My first contact with Fitness was calisthenics. I liked the sport a lot but I got tired of it because after months I didn’t see any changes. During my exchange year in California I met my host-brother Nick. He taught me most of the basics I had to know to get big. After already a few months I made huge progress. At that time I felt better and I became more confident. Since I’m back in Europe I made even more experience and I improved my workout plans drastically. I started taking creatine and weight-gainer to get better results. I made many new friends at my gym which makes working out much more fun!
2 years are passed. At today’s date I’m 195cm/6’4 tall and my weight is about 88kg/193lbs.
My current goal is to MOTIVATE newcomers or even more experienced Athletes to make their dreams become reality so please, SHARE the video SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT and LIKE it
Please let me know what you think.
I’m planing to upload frequently more videos!!!
I appreciate any kind of support.
Thanks a lot!!!
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-Bioware: -Mass Effect 3 OST
– An End Once and For All

-Title: Bring me back to life
Album: Epic Indie
Composers: -Nineoneone
-HT Bristol
-Vincent Steele
-Charlie Bannister

Bring Me Back To Life – 30 Seconds – Extreme Music – HT Bristol / Charlie Bannister / Vincent Steele / NineOneOne


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