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2011 Forum Plenary: Broadening The Links Between Agriculture and Health

This video was shot for the Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems Funders during the 9th Annual Forum, June 21-24, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN.

The people who provide fresh food to our plates represent an industry recognized worldwide as one of the most hazardous of all occupations: agriculture. In spite of the increasing awareness of health impacts of diet such as obesity and diabetes, little attention is paid to the adverse conditions faced by agricultural communities. This plenary will provide you with an overview of agricultural workers’ health outcomes related to occupational, environmental and individual risk factors influenced by sector and policy. The overall goal is to deepen our collective understanding of the hazards and issues faced by the people who cultivate, process, and prepare for delivery the food that feeds our families.

Moderator: Bob Shull, Public Welfare Foundation, Washington, DC

Speaker: Martha Soledad Vela Acosta, The Kresge Foundation, Troy, MI

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