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4th Grade students support classmate who has Type 1 Diabetes, learn life lessons

LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (WKRC) – November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and a local student living with the disease is getting some special care and attention. The entire class is in on it!

Sometimes the lessons learned in school don’t always come from traditional classrooms, they come from what students need to learn about life, and that’s what happened at St. Lawrence School with a young woman named Kylie.

Something kind of strange started happening to Kylie a few months ago.

“I drank a lot and started going to the bathroom a lot,” said 9-year-old Kylie, a fourth grader at St. Lawrence Elementary.

Just a few months ago Kylie was diagnosed with “Type One Diabetes.”

For her teacher and her classmates, it has been quite an education.

“It’s a total education,” said Teacher Jane Noel.

Since blood sugars can go too high or too low in diabetes, Kylie checks her blood sugar levels and her teacher Mrs. Noel gives her insulin, a hormone to balance them out.

Kylie says she gets asked most about if it hurts when she gets her shots? She says it doesn’t.

The students here become important members of her health care team.

“They all take turns going down to lunch with her every day,” said Noel.

“[Diabetes] is a very important thing,” said Xander.

“I think that she’s getting a lot better,” said Aiden.

“Sometimes she needs somebody to talk to at recess, because she can’t really run around,” said Jordan.

“If she’s shaking or has a headache you should go with her and tell a teacher,” said Jackson.

All this keeps her from dangerous diabetes complications.

“When she was diagnosed, she lost about 10 or 12 pounds pretty quick,” said Kylie’s father, Michael McCoy.

“Wwe’re really blessed that this school has worked with us, and everybody’s a team here,” said Kylie’s step-mother, Margo McCoy.

The good news in all this is that Kylie is doing great and is now back to just being a kid, exactly what all of the students here say has helped them understand more and more about Type One Diabetes,

Kylie says the kids in the class have also pointed out a positive in all this: She gets to eat snacks more often than they do to help balance her blood sugar.


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