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#65 Ongoing Cure Treatment of Type1 Diabetes 1型糖尿病の根治治療中

I’m not joking. This is a real time treatment. English report below.

食前血糖値: 朝182mg/dl 昼134mg/dl 夕94mg/dl

Blood Sugar Level Before Meal: Breakfastmg/dl Lunchmg/dl Dinnermg/dl
Today’s Drug Dose :
Breakfast: 6 units of Humalog(bef.)
Lunch: 6 units of Humalog(bef.)
Dinner: 6 units of Humalog(bef.), 20 units of Tresiba(aft.)
She had to go get more needles for measuring blood sugar level. She almost ran out of needles before the 2-months-checkup on April since often times enough blood does not come out for the measurement. It could be the weaken blood circulation (especially on capillary) due to the past long term hyperglycemia. The blood pressure being stable tells us that her blood circulation is getting better. Lets get better!
It was 77 at 11:50 so she had some orange juice.

年齢: 68歳
1型糖尿病歴: 42歳の時に診断されてから現在(26年)
HbA1C: 9.8%

 An intractable disease, type 1 diabetes is said to be incurable. My very first prescription was to tell her “It will be definitely cured” with 100% confidence. Power to heal only exists within. Nowhere else.
This is a truth. This is where this quote is coming from “sickness comes from Ki.” Ki is the inner power. Ki controls body, and body controls Ki. Synergy of Ki and body is the key to cure the disease. Without this being the very first prescription, curable could easily become incurable.
Mother’s info. (Dec. 2014):
Age: 68
History of Type1 Diabetes: From age of 42 to now (26 years)
HbA1C: 9.8%

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