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7 Benefits To Exercise - Besides Losing Weight!

A lot of us, myself included, often forget that the benefits to exercise go way beyond shedding a few pounds and looking good in the mirror. If you find yourself choosing between the couch or the treadmill, whip out this list before you decide.

Don’t Be A Tub
Exercise is an important ingredient to losing weight, but it’s also important to simply prevent you from balooning up to the size of a Macy’s Day Parade float. And don’t forget all the risks that come with obesity.

Live Longer
Exercise helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently, which leads to a longer life. Not only that, but when you are older, you will feel better than your buddies because of…

Reduced Health Risks
Another of the benefits to exercise is that it staves off chronic problems like diabetes and high blood pressure. It also severely reduces your risk for having a stroke and some forms of cancer.

Disease Killer
Not only do you live a healthier life with exercise, you also live one with fewer colds. Yep, exercise boosts your immune system too.

Better In The Boudoir
The phrase “acrobatic sex” should be enough to get you off your toosh and into the gym, but let’s not forget that men will have less chance of a floppy weiner, and women will be more aroused with regular exercise.

Sharp As A Tack
Another of the benefits to exercise is increased mental acuity, both immediate and long term. If you worked out right now, you would notice that afterwards you can think faster and more clearly. Also, exercise prevents memory loss in older age.

Dr. Feelgood
Bad day got you down? Stressed out from work? Exercise releases endorphins into your brain which lifts your mood. Regular exercise even prevents depression. In addition, you get a huge injection of self confidence and self esteem when you work out on a regular basis.

Need to talk yourself into trudging into the gym today? Scroll up and pick one of the benefits to exercise. You don’t need all seven reasons plus the fifty I didn’t list. Just pick one and start sweating.

Source by Greg Geary

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