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7 Foods to Avoid With Diverticulitis

The moment you get a diverticulitis attack you should become extremely careful about what goes inside your body. The main reason for diverticulitis is bad eating habits. You can get well only after you stop taking the foods which are hard on your digestive system and prevent its proper functioning. There is a good list of foods to avoid with diverticulitis. If you want your health to improve then you will take the steps to avoid these harmful foods.

Generally the suggested diverticulitis diet is low fiber and liquid diet. This will ensure that your colon and digestive system get the adequate rest which helps you to heal. You can expect improvements in a few days once you start taking the correct diet. Many people become stressed in this condition and it may include you also. This won’t help you my friend, it will only make your condition worse because stress directly affects the digestive system. You need to be calm, be patient with the pain and do something which will make you happy. Doing these will have a positive affect on your health and you may improve quickly.

Anyway here is a list of foods to avoid with diverticulitis in general.

1) All the junk food such as burgers, pizzas, fried food and spicy food should be avoided.

2) Refined foods like white flour, white rice etc.

3) All the processed foods.

4) Corn and corn products.

5) Nuts

6) Sesame seeds

7) Pumpkin

You should avoid these foods because they will be hard on the digestive system. Once you are healed you may revert back to the previous food habits. You are just inviting another diverticulitis attack. In order to remain healthy you should change your eating habits.

Many people who got a diverticulitis attack changed their diet to a whole food diet to remain healthy and not to experience the painful situation again. Use the above list of foods to avoid with diverticulitis till you become healthy again. After that you can include a high fiber diet which will prevent the diverticula from getting infected.

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