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7 Reasons Why Most Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plans Fail!!

7 Reasons Why Most Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plans Fail! – About Type 2 Diabetes : Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments For Type 2 Diabetes

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7 Reasons Why Most Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plans Fail!

7 Reasons Why Most Type 2 Diabetic Diet Plans Fail!!
I’ve always wondered why most doctors don’t prescribe detailed Type 2 diabetic diet plans and lifestyle changes to patients diagnosed with prediabetes, insulin resistance or Type 2 diabetes.
I recall many years back both my parents were diagnosed with having Type 2 diabetes.
My dad was in his mid-60s and my mom in her early-60s. When my brothers and I asked them what foods they had to avoid, they said the doctor gave them medication and told them to just cut down on sugar; that was it! No mention what other foods to lay off other than cutting down on sugar!
Those days – in the late 80s and early 90s – there wasn’t any internet yet so there was no way of looking for information on chronic illnesses ourselves. We just listened to the doctor and my parents cut down on their sugar intake: Half to 1 teaspoon of sugar for coffee instead of 2. Other than this minor change, my parents were eating “normal” meals – high carb stuff, lots of processed food, the works minus some sugar in their morning coffees!

The Situation Today…..
Unfortunately nothing much has really changed when you’re diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. A lot of doctors still don’t give detailed dietary and lifestyle change interventions to control this chronic illness, which brings me to the 7 reasons why most Type 2 diabetic diet plans fail miserably.
Let me list them….

Reason 1: You’re Still Following the Outdated Pyramid Diet

Reason 2: Your Diet is Still High in Carbs

Reason 3: You Are Using Sweeteners and Other Forms of Sugar

Reason 4: You’re Still Drinking Fruit Juice

Reason 5: You’re Still Eating Processed Foods

Reason 6: You’re Still Not Exercising

Reason 7: The Statin You’re Taking is Causing Your Blood Sugar to Be Elevated

My Final Note Today….
If you have prediabetes or diabetes you just cannot have the cake and eat it, and I mean literally.
If you’re serious about getting your blood sugar down and your diabetes in check, I can show you how to do it safely. Just click here and get my free eBook: How to Lower Blood Sugar & Control Diabetes in 30 Days or on the top right sidebar of this page.

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