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A Very Special Diabetes Interview

Follow along on this very special Interview, of a diabetic woman that has endured a lifetime of healthy living with diabetes!!! Which turns out to be pretty MARVELOUS!!!

What a blessing it is to have had Kevin interview my mom, Karen, about her courageous life conquering diabetes every day. She has had diabetes for 63 years. We are so grateful that she has done so well and we thank God for helping her each day. She has a very optimistic outlook on life and she has strong faith in the Lord. Her desire is to spread “hope” and encouragement to others who are diagnosed and living with diabetes. She has successfully lived with it since she was seven years old and she wants others to know, “You can do it!” Blessings! Kim 🙂

NOTE: The 50th Anniversary picture that you see at the end of this video, you will see that it appears to look as though Karen is going to bite into the cake, lol… but it is just pretending, she did not actually eat the cake 😉

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