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ACHRI 2011 Campaign

The first spot was done in 2010. In essence it is a “generic spot” for the ACH Research Institute.
Keeping in mind that we needed to create a balance of medical-technology, with the kind of friendly and safe atmosphere that would compel a parent to allow their child to participate in a research study.
We needed to show that not only was it ok, but that it was in fact significant to the health of children: A crucial call to action that would ultimately benefit everyone.
The remaining two spots created a more in-depth look at the ACH Research Institute studies for pediatric diabetes and immunizations.
My main goal with these two spots was to have them look and sound cohesive with the first one… Giving us a chance to “see and hear” more about ACHRI.
(I scripted, shot and edited these spots.
A coworker of mine designed the graphics.)

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