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A video of Adi dancing “Angles Among Us” from May 2004 is currently being uploaded today…here is the link:

In the meantime, please visit the following fundraiser link…


Please view the following news report on LocalNews8 about Adi:

Girl With Rare Disability Inspires Town



The story of “Adi’s Dance” is the story of a journey which began more than twelve years ago with all the hopes and joy of a young mother-to-be. The journey seemed to end with the tragic annihilation of those dreams –

Adisyn Faye was born with rhomboid encephalosynapsis, a crippling and little understood syndrome in which the two halves of the cerebellum fail to separate as intended.

For Amy and Adisyn another journey had begun: the hard, lonely journey of denial, anger, bargaining, and finally, acceptance. It is a journey which continues today in the story of a little girl who loves to dance but cannot. A little girl who, not knowing the meaning of that word, cannot, with the love and support of those around her, finds a way to do what she loves.

What began for Amy as a means to communicate a personal story through dance, for it is not something which can easily be told in words, has become much more. “Adi’s Dance” took on a life of its own, metamorphosing into a dance about what it means to be human.

At once very personal, it is also the story of all individual tragedies: of lives cut short or profoundly changed through death, accident or disease.

The central metaphor for the dance is not the tragedy of the event, nor its immediate consequences for those affected by it – for that remains unalterable. What it becomes is a celebration of the strength of the human spirit and of the community of which we are all a part. For to survive, to adapt and ultimately to emerge from the fire as stronger and more compassionate is to recognize the pain in others; to do what we can do for others is to recognize our common humanity.

Our journey, which often begins in what seems like profound isolation, cannot be endured alone. “Adi’s Dance,” which was conceived in a private tragedy, is ultimately a celebration of life in all its forms and is a tribute to the power of community – more especially it is a tribute to the people of Salmon Idaho who, despite the multiple adversities they themselves face, time and again, open their hearts and their purses to bolster and support others in their time of adversity.

This dance is Amy and Adi’s way of saying “Thank you.”


MUSIC: Copyright 2005
Released: 5 September 2005
Genre: Alternative rock, post-Britpop
Label: Parlophone
Writer(s): Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion
Producer: Coldplay, Ken Nelson
Certification: Gold (RIAA) Platinum (ARIA)

Video Camera: David Ness
Video Editing: Steve Thompson

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