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AdventureRx 014 | Climbing Cowboy Ridge in Zion (2 of 2) | keto diet with type 1 diabetes

In the last vlog (last week) I was talking about preparing to test the keto diet with my type 1 diabetes on a climbing route that had been intimidating for several years. I half expected to get up there and find out that I’d just blown it all out of proportion in my mind. (If you want to skip ahead to see the most important route beta, jump to 10:14)

As it turned out, climbing Cowboy Ridge in Zion National Park was a big task–and the moderate grade of the route belies it’s true difficulty.

It’s a big route, with complex routefinding and descent options. It’s littered with loose rock that can send you on a ride or hit someone below. You’re routinely exposed to big falls (catastrophic) that are difficult if not impossible to protect. I was tempted to think that it’s “only” 5.7 and not that difficult–until I got out there into the thick of it.

The good news is that I didn’t have to worry about my blood sugar because the high fat low carb diet kept things nice and stable, all day. I was free to spend my mental energy trying not to pop off an unstable block 1500 feet off the ground!

Is it worth it? Big picture, yes. Climbing is worth the effort to manage risk. Smaller picture, I’d say that as long as you’re prepared for the style of climbing, it’s a great route. It’s just worthwhile to know what you’re getting into!

On a related note…

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