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Alcohol And Diabetes. What Are The Risks?

It sounds outrageous, however recent scientific studies have shown that drinking alcohol in moderation lowers the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, ver for adult women. The risk of getting diabetes is truly lower for women drinking in moderation than it is for women who do not drink at all or who drink too much.

Studies on alcohol and diabetes performed in the past were mainly targeted at men or men and women who were less than 55 years old. Since there is very tiny research relating to women over 50, a study was undertaken to analyze the effects of alcohol in this group and the risk of developing Type two diabetes.

The data collected at the beginning of the study included a questionnaire requesting information as to residence, amount of exercise, daily volume of food consumed and whether a diagnosis of diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure had ever been made. Weight, height, blood pressure and waist and hip measurements were also recorded.

As to the problem of alcohol, the study participants were asked if they drank alcohol, how much, the types of alcohol they drank, for example, wine, beer or troublesome liquor and how often they drank. Past and current alcohol consumption habits were discussed also.

Experts mailed out two follow-up questionnaires every three to 5 years asking the same women whether or not they had developed Type 2 diabetes, when they were diagnosed with it (what year), and what physician diagnosed the condition. They were as well asked about the kind of treatment they were undergoing for the disorder (dietary restrictions, medication, and/or insulin).

The test results were a bit unexpected since it showed that for the group of women over 50 who drank in moderation, the chances of developing diabetes Type two were reduced when compared to the same aged group of women who drank in greater amounts. The overall blood pressure for the moderately drinking women was as well lower than their counterparts who consumed more alcohol.

There is currently no explanation why the consumption of alcohol and diabetes are interrelated. While there are some benefits to be had in drinking in moderation, it is critical to bear in mind that each diabetic individual is different and should follow their own health practitioner’s advise with respect to the consumption of alcohol. While it is nice to enjoy an occasional glass of wine, the key is moderation. Check with your health practitioner first to ensures that there are no adverse affects relating to your own course of treatment.

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