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Alterations to the Mediterranean Food Pyramid

Although the fundamental principles of the Mediterranean Diet have not been touched, the Mediterranean food pyramid has recently had a face lift. Recognizing both the health advantages and the additional low calorie flavors, spices and herbs have now been included in the group that should be eaten with each meal.

Other modifications to the Mediterranean diet meal plan include:

6 glasses of water should be drunk each day.

The addition of physical activity on a daily basis at the base of the food pyramid.

The suggestion that meals be pleasurable and eaten in the presence of others.

The word “whole grain” has been added when describing the legumes and cereals food group.

Consuming shellfish and fish twice weekly. The one food group now contains cereals, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olives, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, and olive oil. This particular food group is given a huge emphasis and ideally should be included with each meal. The traditional Mediterranean diet is founded on the principle that the plant food group is extremely important. To achieve optimal health benefits varied foods from this group should be consumed at the same meal.

Poultry, eggs, cheese, and yogurt can be eaten daily in small portions.

Red wine is also allowed in moderate amounts, so long as your doctor approves.

Other components of the traditional Mediterranean diet include:

Eating red meat only a few times per month.

Ensuring almost all fat intake is in the form of olive oil, not butter and margarine.

Eating fresh local produce that is in season.

All foods should be processed as little as possible.

Daily desserts should be in the form of fresh fruit, as opposed to ice creams, cakes, and cookies.

Junk food to be avoided.

Mediterranean food is a healthy and tasty way to reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Followers of the Mediterranean diet have been shown to live longer lives without the health problems often associated with the Western world.

The most recent adjustments to the Mediterranean food pyramid have been the inclusion of drinking plenty of water, and the realization that fresh herbs and seasonings offer both health benefits and the tastes that identify Mediterranean cuisine. The addition of physical exercise on a daily basis make this a healthy diet plan for those looking to lose weight or just wanting to embrace a healthier lifestyle that is also delicious and social.

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