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American Diabetes Association Business Wellness Forum

Dr. Terri Kennedy moderated the Business Wellness Forum sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and Aetna. The theme was “Diabetes: Wellness in the Workplace Connecting Mind, Body & the Bottomline.” The Forum brought together the business community with health experts to discuss how health affects productivity in the workplace and strategies for businesses to improve their Health & Productivity Management offerings. It specifically addressed the importance of diabetes awareness and its economic cost within the business community. Panelists included Dr. Jerome Tolbert, attending physician in the Department of Medicine and Endocrinology at Beth Israel Medical Center and medical director of the outreach program at the Friedman Diabetes Institute; Dr. Olajide Williams, Associate Director of Neurology at Columbia University and Director of Operations of the Harlem Hospital Stroke Center; Larry Harper, Financial Advisor at Oppenheimer & Co. and caregiver to his 86-year-old diabetic mother; and Maudine Nelson, Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist at Columbia University’s Institute of Human Nutrition. This video clip offers a compilation of comments from Dr. Kennedy as moderator for the 90-minute panel and Q&A.


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