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Annabelle's First Year

Our daughter Annabelle was born on April 18th, 2012. This is the story of her life so far, from pregnancy, to childbirth, to her first birthday party. Here’s an explanation for some of the events:
1.) During the pregnancy, my wife Sherri was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes.
2.) About the 35th week she went into full-on HELLP syndrome (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HELLP_syndrome) and had to have an emergency C-Section.
3.) During the delivery my wife lost about 1200cc’s of blood when a uterine vein was nicked during the C-section. The doctors took care of it, but she was unresponsive for several seconds.
4.) Our baby, Annabelle was in intensive care that night and later developed high levels of bilirubin in her blood (which is not uncommon). That’s why she has the blue lights in the hospital.
5.) In May, Annabelle began having difficulty breathing and was retracting severely to the point of respiratory distress. We rushed her to the hospital several times over the next few weeks and the doctor’s couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
6.) Eventually Dr Gower, an ENT at Scottish Rite, performed a bronchoscopy and was able to diagnose her with an Infantile Subglottic Hemangioma (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8028072) just below her larynx.
7.) She was treated with a relatively new drug treatment using a beta blocker called Propranalol. (http://cpj.sagepub.com/content/51/10/983.extract)
8.) To make sure that the Propranolol was working she eventually had five different bronchoscopies over the course of the next nine months. The hemangioma shrunk quickly and never grew back. At her one year mark she was weened off of the Propranalol and she’s expected to have a full recovery with no long term side effects.

And yes, this is almost 14 minutes of just pictures of my adorable daughter. I’m allowed. 🙂

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