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Anorexia and Obesity Are Similar!

Many individuals view Anorexia as an eating disorder, however, they view obesity as the individual lacks will power that they are unable to control themselves. Unfortunately,discrimination is common with obesity. Any individual who has experienced obesity understands what this firsthand. Obesity is frowned on people view the individual as unorganized not capable of handling situations. Typically obese people are highly intelligent, functioning people yet they are unable to control this area of their life. Interestingly enough the anorexic is viewed as highly intelligent, a workaholic, a go getter.

The body shape and size may be different yet the similarities between anorexia and obesity are present. Both the anorexic and obese individual thinks about food all day long, the health concerns for both are critical. These individuals share common denominator eating disorders. The medical concerns for both are hormone imbalances, hair loss, hair over growth, loss of menstruation, possibly hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic, diabetes, knee and joint pain and damage long-term, skin tags, the list goes on.

The emotional needs for the anorexic and the obese individual, is individualized. Typically they have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, bi-polar, trauma perhaps post traumatic stress disorder. Individuals who suffer from eating disorders need intense inpatient eating disorder treatment programs. Going to a structured program will provide the support necessary to rebuild lives and put in place new coping skills. Eating disorders require treating the body as well as the mind; ultimately it would be a disservice to the individual looking for help to not treat the whole. 

Source by Joanna Painton

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