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Anxious Montgomery Hydraulic Elevator @ UM Diabetes Institute, Miami, FL

Taken 4/04/17. Runs good, but I don’t like the floor passing chime on this elevator. But anyway, this is at the UM Diabetes Institute in Miami, FL. The elevators that they have is a Montgomery, which I rode the left elevator. Well, back in June 2012, when I was filming the elevators at the Mailman Center, I got busted by security for filming when I am not supposed to. This happens sometimes for security reasons. The security guard that busted me for filming the elevator sometimes comes to this place too, but, since she wasn’t here at that time, I was able to film the elevator with no problems. And not only that, It was Ms. Blum’s birthday on that day that I filmed this elevator video. She was my science teacher that I used to have for 7th and 8th grade at my middle school, and this video is dedicated to her. The chime going up sounds like it’s from a Dover Classic.


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