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AoS: Dr. Ross Cagan in the lab

Dr. Ross Cagan is “fly boy” from way back!

Watch as Dr. Cagan gives a tour of his lab at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and explains his work to artist Jenny Toth for the Ligo Project Art of Science program.

Dr. Cagan studies nervous system development, cancer, and diabetes. The Cagan lab uses Drosophilia (fruit flies) as cancer models, “building patients into flies” and using sequencing to recreate patients’ specific tumors in Drosophilia. After growing tumors in the flies using robotics, the flies are fed thousands of drugs to find effective cocktails. By focusing on individually tailored cocktails for specific tumors, the lab is working on developing personalized cancer treatment.

Learn more about Dr. Cagan’s work here: http://www.mountsinai.org/profiles/ross-l-cagan

See Jenny Toth’s work here: http://www.jennytoth.com

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