HomeVideoArdha Chakrasana half wheel pose with its counter padahasthasana telugu

Ardha Chakrasana half wheel pose with its counter padahasthasana telugu

Ardha Chakrasana half wheel pose with its counter padahasthasana telugu

From the great spiraling galaxies, thousands of light years across, to the billions of atoms swirling in a grain of sand, the universe is composed of spinning wheels of energy.
At the inner core of each one of us spin seven wheel-like energy centers called chakras. There are 7 Chakras as per the Hindu system, which are located at the 7 Endocrine
glands. They are arranged in a fantastic system that demonstrates that the human form is indeed a microcosm of the universe, and our emotional and spiritual energies
have centers of focus that we can use to improve our lives. Together the seven chakras form a profound formula for wholeness, linking our physical, emotional, mental, and
spiritual selves into one indivisible whole.

Ardha Chakrasan, is one of the most dynamic backward bending postures. It has a direct effect on the stimulation of the various energy centers or Chakras of the body. The
asana is effective for respiratory problems, chronic backache, and rheumatic pains.

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Ardha Chakrasana half wheel pose with its counter padahasthasana telugu


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