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Are You a Zinc Type Person?

Homeopathic Zincum metallicum, or Zinc, is a remedy commonly indicated for treating people with nervous strain and exhaustion. Zinc is a trace element mineral that is found naturally in sulphur compounds. As a remedy it plays a significant role in boosting metabolism and is considered a power source for the nervous system. Zincum metallicum has been used to successfully treat anxiety and the headaches that accompany it, as well as mental and physical weakness along with exhaustion. Since physical and mental strain impact how the brain functions, Zincum metallicum has also been shown to help improve the ability to focus. In addition it is believed renew vitality and stamina.

Other conditions that can be treated with this remedy include the spasmodic coughing that accompanies whooping cough and fever attacks with severe facial blushing in hyperactive, oversensitive people. Zincum metallicum is a proven homeopathic remedy for neuralgia, back pain, headaches, muscle twitches, nervous weakness, exhaustion, constipation, and coughing.

Zinc is an important remedy in maintaining proper levels of vitamin E in the blood and also aids in the absorption of vitamin A.

In homeopathic parlance, people and their symptoms are often associated with the remedy itself. For example homeopaths in identifying a “Zinc Type” person will look for someone who is delicate and pale and will have a slight build. Zinc types tend to be rather gloomy and nervous. They tend to find the demands of everyday life overwhelming and as a result are easily exhausted. They will tend to have frequent health problems and amongst these frequent headaches are common.

The zinc personality type typically experiences burning pains throughout the body, particularly around the spinal column. Muscles may twitch or jerk and legs may tremble, especially in the evening before bedtime. The patient may cough often and feel constriction in the chest. Digestion is often sluggish and meals may not be tolerated well. The symptoms worsen when the patient consumes coffee, tea or alcohol, especially wine, even in minimal amounts.

There are some common questions to ask to determine if you are a zinc type:

  • Do you often feel you lack stamina?
  • Do you often find yourself worrying about illness?
  • Do you have an intolerance of wine, tea or coffee?
  • Are you often tired during the day but can’t sleep at night?
  • Do suffer from recurring headaches?
  • Do you find yourself becoming overwhelmed by your workload?
  • Do you have frequent muscle twitches?
  • Do you a experience burning sensation through your body?

If you answered yes to more than four of these questions, you may well be someone who could benefit from taking Zincum metallicum. If you are worrying about any of the symptoms above, you should consult a homeopathic or nutritional specialist who may be able to help you.

Source by John R Harker

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