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Are you wondering what you should eat with Pre diabetes?

What to eat or what should you eat with Pre diabetes is a common problem for diabetics everywhere. It must be stated that  “pre diabetic” is a message that you should reverse this illness fast. Why? This is because you still have a little time to save the body before permanent damage is done from full blown diabetes

What you should eat with pre diabetes is an important question and there is a special diet that has literally reversed pre diabetes all together in 10 countries.

What it means to be pre diabetic

If you are a pre diabetic it means that you are running out of time. The body is losing the fight and this can mean big trouble. Blood sugar is important and necessary in the body but high levels kills the cells of the body. A pre diabetic has cells that are losing the fight from the high blood sugar. The result of high sugar can be scary, many diabetics will have to have their legs cut off. The high level of blood sugar takes over the circulation of the legs and kills the nerves.

Sadly millions have had their legs removes to stop the spreading poison blood glucose. What should I eat is a very important question if you have pre diabetes.

Diet is the key to reversing pre diabetes it is important to know that most pre diabetic food and diets do nothing to stop diabetes. The standard diabetes diet for the last 30 years has been a sugar free diet, studies show the sugar free diet has never reversed diabetes. Diabetic medication cause heart failure and have also been a failure.

Pre diabetes “what should I eat?” What scientifically has worked to stop diabetic high blood sugar?

There is some good news from Europe, a filmmaker’s diabetic diet has been reversing diabetes without medications. It is now used in 10 countries as a natural cure. This diet does something the sugar free does not, it heals the high blood sugar naturally and has giving thousands a normal blood sugar level safely without drugs


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