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Ask Docta! Trailer (English)

Illiteracy is a big problem allover the world. Our health matters to everyone of us. However, not everyone can afford the same degree of health care that we all need. Prevention is a very helpful and resourceful way to tackle health problems. In our series ASK DOCTA! we use indigenous languages to educate people in mental health. We have started first with West African Pidgin that is spoken in countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Gambia and Cameroon, a total of over 200 million people. Some of our videos are also in standard English for those who are more versed in English. We have already plans to start producing Ask Docta! videos in Wolof, Arabic and Swahili as from 2016. More languages are being planned. The doctors who speak in our videos are specialists in their various sub-departments.

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