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Asylum Sanctorium Hardmode - Templar Healer - Chimaira

Pretty sloppy execute phase with many deaths and a lot of time wasted, but at least it’s not a 30-40min trial for us anymore 😀 And still not a single polymorph drop after 10 kills… 🙁

My gear is: 5x Spell Power Cure, 5x Worm, 1x Nerien’eth (with 3-stat glyph for extra hp).

R. Armando Morabito – Rising Force
Rodney Spence – The Last Transport
Thunderstep Music – Time Has Come
C21 FX – Ancient Evil
C21 FX – Legacy

ESO | Clockwork City | vAS Hardmode | Templar Healer | Chimaira


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