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Audiobook: Controlling Your Diabetes: A Best Practice Guide

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Diabetes is a common life-long condition affecting around 2.9 million people in the Uk, and an estimated 347 million people worldwide. There are different types of diabetes, but in general, it is a condition which causes a person’s blood sugar levels to become too high.controlling Your Diabetes A Best Practice Guide is an ebook that has been designed to provide both trusted, helpful diabetes information and practical advice in managing the condition. Featuring articles from both the Nhs and the Health-e-buddy team, this ebook covers topics ranging from basic diabetes facts and specific diabetic conditions, to diet advice and how to manage diabetes in daily life; including in pregnancy, when travelling and during sport.this ebook is the perfect guide for anybody suffering from diabetes, or for those whose loved ones have the condition. It has been designed as a fountain of knowledge that can be dipped in and out of at different chapters, or read continuously from start to finish it’s up to you.diabetes doesn’t have to rule your life it’s all about finding the best way to manage it. Get started today!the Health-e-buddy Team


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