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Audiobook: Diabetes and Lifestyle Ecab

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Diabetes management, outcomes and prognosis are majorly affected by the lifestyle exercised by the diabetics. Diabetes has significant impact on the different facets of life. These facets tend to get overlooked in the management. The inter-relation of diabetes and marriage, sleep, travel, commute and uneven working hours seem to be trivial part of managing diabetes but are extremely important for a perfect recovery and management of the patient. Patients travelling with diabetes need to consider how to adapt their treatment programs to unfamiliar foods, irregular schedules, and varying amounts of exercise. Diabetes will be involved at every step of married life including vacations, outings, going to the movies, as well as intimate moments. Sleep and diabetes are interconnected. Sleep disorders have a slight but significant impact on diabetes management and it should be focused while attending a diabetic with sleep disorders. Shift workers make a special segment of diabetics, whose glucose monitoring and control need to be tailored in a special manner. With change in circadian rhythm and sleep pattern, diabetes management needs to be adjudged and adjusted. The main risks that arise in driving from having diabetes are hypoglycemia and the long term complications. All these aspects are being thoroughly covered in this book so as to facilitate better management of diabetes.


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