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Audiobook: Diabetes: How I Got Off Insulin In 30 Days

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As a type 2 diabetic, are you tired of relying on insulin injections to get through your day? Do you wish you could eat your meals without worrying how it will affect your blood sugar levels? If you answered yes to either of these questions, How I Got Off Insulin in 30 Days is the book for you.when Jason Mclaughlin was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he knew it was going to be a lifestyle adjustment, but he didn’t realize just how much. He quickly got tired of testing his blood sugar levels and injecting insulin. He decided to do something about it. After months of research, developing a systematic plan, and actual application, he was free from his dependence on insulin injections.now you can follow in Jason’s footsteps to becoming insulin-free yourself in just one month. Jason will take you through the daily routine, the rules that govern diabetic lifestyles, and the best way to get in control! By following the proper eating habits and engaging in a regular exercise plan, you too can tell your family and friends How I Got Off Insulin in 30 Days.


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