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Audiobook: Diabetes Secondary to Endocrine and Pancreatic Disorders

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The 1997 classification of diabetes mellitus, now accepted worldwide, includes a large section of other specific types of diabetes, a good part of which is made up of diabetes secondary to other endocrine or pancreatic disorders. However, a comprehensive overview on how these disorders may lead to diabetes, and how to diagnose and treat them, was not available so far. Filling this gap, this book includes detailed descriptions of glucose metabolism derangements in other endocrine and pancreatic disorders. Leading experts in their fields present an exhaustive overview of the most-updated evidence on the etiopathological mechanisms underlying the development of diabetes in patients with endocrine and pancreatic disorders, and the relevant diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. Because of its multidisciplinary approach, this book is of great interest to endocrinologists, diabetologists, general practitioners, internal medicine specialists and surgeons, and will remain a reference source for years to come.


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