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Audiobook: Every Woman's Guide to Diabetes: What You Need to Know to Lower Your Risk and Beat

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Women have long needed a book devoted to their unique issues with diabetes. This up-to-date and practical guide advocates simple lifestyle changes that can help women reduce their risk of getting diabetes or, if already diagnosed, prevent the diseases most serious complications. Every Womans Guide to Diabetes translates the latest findings from diabetes research into proven strategies busy women can use to stay healthy and gain control over an often overwhelming disease. The authors discuss the nature of diabetes, helping readers through the complex medical decisions involved in diabetes treatment. They highlight strategies to decrease the emotional stress and social isolation that often accompany diagnosis, and offer everyday techniques for managing blood sugar. Key features include:,unique aspects of diabetes for women throughout the life cycle,timetable of recommended tests and check-ups,guide to medications with common dosages,charts to help organize diabetes-care tasks and supplies,time-management tips for better disease regulation,guide to contraceptives available to women with diabetes,review of issues critical to women before, during, and following pregnancy ,advice for overcoming barriers to weight loss and exercise,plan for intelligent diet trade-offs while still enjoying meals,practical tips for planning exercise,strategies to avoid diabetes burn-outwritten by two physicians, one of whom is a woman living with diabetes, and an experienced medical writer, Every Womans Guide to Diabetes recognizes the power that women have in their households to effect lifestyle changes that will benefit themselves and loved ones, including their mothers, daughters, sisters, and partners. This power can reduce the toll of the diabetes epidemic.


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