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Audiobook: The Complete Diabetes Handbook

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Maybe you were just diagnosed with diabetes and are confused by all the contradictory information out there. Or, maybe you’ve done everything your doctors told you to do, but still you have wild fluctuations in your blood sugars. Your A1c, cholesterol, and triglycerides are through the roof and you’re gaining weight! Either way, you’re frustrated, but it’s not your fault! Controlling diabetes can be easy with the right information! You can get off the roller coaster of wildly fluctuating blood sugars, lower your cholesterol and A1c, and reduce (or even possibly eliminate) some of the medications you are currently taking. You can decrease your risk of developing diabetic complications. And, if you are already suffering from diabetic complications, you can stop further progression and may even be able to reverse some of their effects. This is not only possible but can happen in a very short amount of time. You will be in control! And, it’s easy! I want you to be healthy! I want you to be able to take back your life and do all the things that you enjoy without the limitations that diabetes can put on your daily life. No more feeling like a guinea pig trying every new drug that is supposed to help lower your blood sugar. The things Im going to tell you are the same things that my family and I are doing with amazing results. The doctors are shocked! I will give you all the facts that you need to lead a normal life that is not controlled by your diabetes.in this book, you will learn:what is diabetes and what are the different types. Each type of diabetes is just a little bit different. You have to understand how the disease works to understand everything else.how to modify your diet to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. These changes are so simple that Im almost embarrassed to tell you!blood sugar monitoringwhen and whyfood and how your body uses itwhat tests you absolutely need your doctor to perform and what the results meanvitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplementsand much, much more!as a bonus, I will give you delicious and easy recipes to take out all the guesswork while you learn. My family refused to even consider doing anything unless I could make the food taste good and they got desserts! Your family wont even know theyre eating diabetic food. No more cooking two different meals.you may be asking yourself what are my qualifications to write a book that teaches you how to control your diabetes


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