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Audiobook: The Way of Wisdom for Diabetes: Cope with Stress, Move More, Lose Weight and Keep Hope

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Unlike hundreds of other books written about managing diabetes, this one is from a perspective of managing it with the use of Gods wisdom (skill for living).the purpose of The Way of Wisdom is to introduce fundamental principles for living from the book of Proverbs. These proverbs encourage hope, provide strength, and give motivation on a daily basis!what is the best meal plan to feel good and maintain appropriate blood glucose levels?this book includes information on carb counting, about feeling full while still losing weight (volumetrics), and on using the glycemic index and glycemic load for foods. The importance of the timing of when to eat and move to maintain good blood glucose levels is presented.this book teaches how to build habits for coping with stress, moving more, losing weight and overall better health and well-being!such habits will provide a foundation for a positive attitude and life of gratitude that looks on the brighter side of life. Health benefits of gratitude are scientifically researched and daily applications of gratitude are embraced.uplifting and encouraging examples are included of real people who succeeded while facing unbelievable challenges.humorous, as well as heart-breaking stories, illustrate how relevant these action plans are for better well-being. Impelling guidelines based upon a step-by-step approach are taught for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes self-management!the Way of Wisdom is written to provide motivation, not for just a day, but for a lifetime!the strategies in this book are not just theoretical, intellectual ideas. Ive proven these strategies are essential skills in my personal diabetes management for five decades!


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