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AVOCADO_Family Meal Planning App_04 Sending-menu-to-family

AVOCADO_An IT-based service design for family meal planning & forming healthy eating habits
Stage 04. Sending-menu-to-family

The objective of this project is to create new service that is based on IT-considering we live in the era of mobile and social Web. These technologies have enabled end-users to actively participate
in the production and creation of values instead of being passive, and they have changed the nature of
many important aspects of products and services. Through this project, our team learned and studied actual service cases to understand the various aspects of service design, and also actively participated
in hands-on design practices by learning and applying various methods and approaches to design these
newly emerging IT-based services.
In this year, the project was executed as part of participating in MSR Design Expo 2015 (research.microsoft.com/enus/events/designexpo2015/default.aspx). The theme of the main project was determined based on the theme provided by the Design Expo 2015. Here is the explanation about Design Expo: “Design Expo showcases exceptional design process and ideas from schools around the world. As a part of the
semester long course, students are asked to form interdisciplinary teams of 2-4 students, consider
people’s real needs and respond with a user experience prototype, and narrative that explains their
thinking” (excerpt from the Guidelines for MSR Design Expo).
The challenge was this; design a product, service or solution for someone with a context-dependent disability. Our creation can improve that person’s abilities in an existing context, or change their context to lessen or remove
the disability. Our main context-dependent disability was diabetes, so we aim to help with difficulties that diabetic people experience in purchasing the right food for their dietary needs, through an IT-based service, and here comes AVOCADO, an IT-based service design for family meal-planning and forming healthy eating habits.

– User-centered Service Design for IT Convergence 2015 Spring Semester
– Dept. of Industrial Design & Computer Science
– Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST, Republic of Korea
– Advisor: Prof.Youn-kyung Lim, Alice Oh
TA. Dajung Kim, JinYeong Bak
– Team Project: Minsun Hong, Jiin Kim, Keunwoo Kim, Youngjae Jang

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