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Ayurveda experts advocates avocado to manage the disease

Due to the changing lifestyle, increasing stress level, dependence on junk food and minimal physical activities are the reasons for diabetes. It is a common assumption that diabetes is a disease for middle aged or old people, however the disease’s latest victims are children and youth. More than 4 crores people in India are going through silent diabetes and every fifth patient in the world is from India. Both rural and urban people are equally vulnerable to this dreadful disease which is the major cause of eye ailments, cardiac problem, weak kidneys, fatigue and many other such problems.

Diabetes is a life-long disease, which has more bodily side-effects. And hence, it is necessary that the treatment takes place in early stage. With proper abstinence, regular treatment, strict control on blood glucose level, the violent and long-term side effects could be controlled or process be slowed down. Diabetes could impact on the physical, mental and psychological development of a person.

These days, Ayurveda experts urge patients to adopt ayurvedic lifestyle to combat the disease and stay healthy throughout the life. Ayurveda treats diabetes after identifying its root causes, improving the immunity, strengthening the digestion and providing strength to all the vital organs of the body. “Avocado fruit which contains high amount of monounsaturated fats, vitamin C and oleic acid helps to reduce high triglyceride levels in the blood and prevents from many cardiovascular problems. Avocado is also known as the treasury of 20 essential nutrients such as fiber, folic acid, vitamin E & B and potassium. Avocado also catalyze the absorption of alpha and beta carotene and lutein. Low carbohydrates and high monounsaturated fats in this fruit enable our body to regulate the insulin level.”-  Acharya Balkrishna, the renowned botanist and the co-founder of the Patanjali Yogpeeth

 Apart from the fruit, the seed of avocado is also very effective in treating the diabetes. The seed works to reduce blood sugar level, improves circulation and gives strength to the pancreas. A balanced consumption of various other herbs like capsicum, turmeric, onion, fenugreek, garlic and cinnamon in our daily meal is also very effective in controlling the disease.

 Moreover, a positive lifestyle is also a part of the holistic treatment to activate the functioning of cells and tissues in our body and helps in managing the disease. For effective control on diabetes, meals should be taken in appropriate quantity at the right time coupled with regular exercise. Managing diabetes in kids should be at top priority and immediate steps should be taken to control the symptoms.

 Prescribed regular exercise helps in controlling blood glucose level. For the diabetes affected people, meal has special importance and the pattern and quantity depends on their nutrition level, lifestyle, weight and physical activities. “The food intake should be such which helps to control blood glucose, fat and weight.

 Diabetics should take three main meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner along with three small meals in between. The meal should contain 20-25 grams of fiber with adequate quantity of vitamins and mineral salts. The patients should be given adequate amount of water to avoid dehydration. The diet chart should be prepared with the help of dietician and should be followed strictly.

 Herbal drugs like vijaysar wood, chandraprabha, gorshuradi guggul,trivang and yashaha bhasma, haldi powder and amla are very useful in curing diabetes. Along with these Ayurvedic medicines proper exercise (Vyaayam), dietary regulation (Pathya) and bio-purification procedures (Panchakarma) play vital role in curing and managing the disease.

Source by Chitra Sen

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