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Ayurveda treatments for diabetes - Importance of Ayurveda to treat

Diabetes is a chronic disease which is detected when the sugar level in blood is high. People usually have diabetes because this body does not prepare enough insulin or their muscle, fat in body as well as the liver cell does not normally respond to the insulin.  In some case both may cause high level blood sugar in body. Ayurveda is important and beneficial for treating diabetes. Diabetes can be categorized in three types. The first type of diabetes is generally diagnosed in childhood. Usually this disease is diagnosed when the person is around 20 years of age. Second type of diabetes is almost similar to that of type one. It is generally diagnosed in adults but then it does not mean that this may not be diagnosed in young people. In this type of diabetes the pancreas does not make the required amount of insulin and thus the blood glucose level could not be kept normal. In serious conditions also there are chances that, this type of disease are not identified by the person himself.  Because of obesity problems and lack of exercise Type 2 diabetes is becoming very common. The third type of diabetes which is also known as gestational diabetes strikes the patient at the time of pregnancy. Women suffering from gestational diabetes are prone to second type of diabetes as well as cardiovascular diseases.

As per ayurveda diabetes is metabolic disorder in which the fire inside the body diminishes and functions very lightly. This diminished fire or agni in the body is responsible for the increase in the level of high blood sugar. Ayurveda believes that the main cause of diabetes is fat, urine and Kapha dosh and by using multiprong approach, diabetes can be cured.  Importance of ayurveda in treating diabetes is very much famous worldwide because the ayurvedic medicines purport to alleviate the symptoms of diabetics that too in a natural manner. Ayurvedic treatment helps in dealing with the symptoms of diabetes.

Dosha in human body causes various diseases and these dosha can be eradicated from body by balancing the elements present in body. Ayurvedic homemade remedies can also cut down the intake of sugar and carbohydrates so that they easily convert into glucose by digestive system and the homemade remedies can work as required. But when people opt for ayurvedic remedies they must also consume lots of vegetables so that the body can easily counter the dietary changes that has taken place recently.

Ayurvedic treatment is important for diabetes patients because at times they work as life savers for the patients who desperately require natural, holistic remedies for their present situation.  While ongoing this treatment you must cut down your sugar intake from diets such as wheat, rice, potato, sugar etc. The food you take must be law in fats. Avoiding butter, ghee oil can help a lot in reducing fats.  Consume barley soaked in triphala every night before sleeping. You can eat barley mixed with honey several times in a day. Take citrus fruits as much as you like. Green vegetable, black gram, soy and fish are some of things that you can take without fear.

Ayurveda is very important for curing any type of disease. Thus, one must try and opt for the advantages from them.

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