B.E.L. (Blood-Sugar Emergency Life-Line)

Two years ago my sister Isabel was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. While manageable, her disease can be life threatening. Diabetics can enter hypoglycaemic states during sleep and die before receiving the glucose they need. This horrific phenomenon, known as “Dead in Bed Syndrome,” causes 4200 deaths a year.
We created B.E.L. a smart wrist band for diabetics that uses recent technological advancements in heart rate monitors. These new monitors react to irregular heart patterns and detect heart attacks before they occur. This same technology can also be used to detect the irregular heart patterns that lead to hypoglycemic states, before they occur. Therefore, B.E.L. could effectively eliminate the chance of “Dead in Bed Syndrome” by alarming diabetics in time and delivering the glucose they need.

Art Direction: William Hammack
Copy Writing: David Rappaport

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