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Balance: How To Sustainably Harvest Native Plants

This is a video to raise funds on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1414303942/balance-how-to-sustainably-harvest-native-plants for my new film about sustainably harvesting native plants.

The Goal of this Kickstarter campaign is to produce a 30 minute film to inform the viewer about the:

-Correct harvesting techniques to maintain healthy populations of native plants
-Proper time of year to collect the plants for optimum nutrition and for the longevity of the plant species
-Health benefits of native plants
-Health benefits while engaged in foraging
-The importance of maintaining a connection with nature

Foraging and wildcrafting medicine from wild plants has become increasingly popular in the last decade. Wild plants are often more dense in vitamins and minerals than cultivated produce. Wild plants also contain high levels phytochemistry that we can use to help fight cancer, free radicals, diabetes, inflammation and many other chronic diseases that plague modern societies.

Unfortunately over foraging due to a lack of knowledge about sustainable harvesting amounts has dramatically reduced many local populations of wild plants.

Currently, there are many books and videos about how to identify and use native plants, but there are very few resources that look at how to best harvest the plants to maximize nutrition value and maintain a healthy population of plants.

The film follows Arthur Haines as he travels around Maine harvesting commonly found native plants. Arthur is an expert plant taxonomist, forager and ancestral life skills mentor. Arthur gives specific harvesting techniques and guidelines to reduce over foraging.

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