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Banana Stem Juice For Diabetes **Pre Diabetes Diet**

Hello welcome to our You Tube channel where you can easily know about PRE DIABETES DIET. If you know about pre diabetes diet easily then it’s a very easy way to get know about pre diabetes diet. Pre diabetes diet eating carbohydrates doesn’t cause pre diabetes. Regular exercise and healthy eating food can help reduce your risk of pre diabetes. There are a few different ways to plan a pre diabetes diet.
Pre diabetes diet means a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, leans meats. It’s also means avoiding artificial sugar and added the sugar. Age, loss weight , excess body fat lower your weight and physical activity have all been shown to play a major role in pre diabetes and other risk factors are included is high blood pressure, excess belly fat, and heart disease. Physical activity is an essential part of the treatment of pre diabetes.
You must know about diabetes before we talk about PRE DIABETES DIET. Pre diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar high, but not high enough to be diabetes type 2. Pre diabetes affects the adults and children. The causes of pre diabetes are lack of physical activity, weight, and health problems. Food is an important tool that you can use control diabetes and stay healthy. Different diet plan might work better for different people. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disease in rich the patients suffers from high level of glucose in the blood. Diabetes is a group of metabolic disease by high blood sugar levels that result from defects in insulin secretion or its action or both. Blood glucose levels are controlled by insulin a hormones produces by the pancreas. Insulin lowers the blood glucose levels. Diabetes is a chronic medical condition that causes high blood sugar levels .Peoples with pre diabetes don’t action glucose properly which cause sugar to build up in the bloodstream instead of fueling the cells and make up muscles and other types of tissues. High blood pressure is a risk factor of pre diabetes. If you have pre diabetes you need to start making lifestyle changes quickly and increasing the fiber in your diet helps lower blood sugar.


• Banana stem juice: Banana stem is excellent for diabetes as it does not rays the blood sugar levels sharply. It is high in fiber. It will help people suffering from constipation. Banana stem juice keeps sugar levels control. It’s also reduces gall bladder stones and kidney stones.





To know more about PRE DIABETES DIET please watch this full video.


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