HomeVideoBananas Is Good Or Bad For Diabetes ?/ What Foods Should A Diabetic Eat and Avoid

Bananas Is Good Or Bad For Diabetes ?/ What Foods Should A Diabetic Eat and Avoid

Bananas Is Good Or Bad For Diabetes ?/ What Foods Should A Diabetic Eat and Avoid

Eat 2 bananas per day for a month very good for diabetes / What happens to your body

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Eat 2 bananas per day for a month very good for diabetes

Can you eat banana if you have diabetes having diabetes means the either your body can’t produce insulin or it can’t use the insulin that it produces efficienthy this effort the way your body processes should because of this it’s important that you keep track of what you eat and how it can for the effective blood sugar levels can diabetic patient eat banana the answer yes it will not increase your sugar levels you can safely eat banana and average size banana contains around 27 to 30 grams of carbohydrates more than half of these carbohydrates are made up of sugar the larger of banana higher the sugar content is banana also contains important nutrients such as vitamin B6 vitamin C
Mangnesium potassium they also contain a good amount of fiber which is an important part a healthy diets banana contain B6 which can help reduceses stress and regulate metabolism both of these players crucial role in diabetes management in general banana can help maintain digestion due to their relatedly high fiber content banana also contain potassium which help keep blood pressure in check potassium also contribute to the overall health of the cardiovascular system how to eat and when to eat banana always eat banana in between the means for example eat banana at 11 am after breakfast and before lunch troots coming more complex form they come with more furtious less of sugar follow these tips for adding bananas to your diet always choose right but not a over right banana a slight green hew on a yellow banana is for a nutritious breakfast consider adding slide the bananas to the bowl of oat meal wrinkles with nuts use bring plantains when cooking they are high in potassium related to the banana and have several carbohydrates it consumes green if you plan to eat banana in a sugar rich juice you consider compulsating with a dinner the lighting carbohydrates for a diabetes friendly desert you can sprinkle some synonym a slice of banana synonym contains anti oxidants and is also know to help regulate the insolence response and reduce the blood sugar levels banana are full of vitamins and minerals such as potassium they also contain fiber which can help maintain proper digestion provided that you drink enough water and have balanced diet all diabetic people can take banana in between the meals

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