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Beat Diabetes | What The F&*K Happend To This Guys Blood Sugar? | Best Challenges

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I believe in the tremendous power of the mind to overcome all obstacles. I want to use this power that I discovered to take care of my body.

The mission is to do a body transformation which will make me lose weight, cure diabetes naturally and overcome obesity. I use raw foods (http://youtu.be/ZeCTMTaxixE), a high carb vegan lifestyle and excercise (http://youtu.be/BdgTiFsDXy8) to do this.

I was a food addict for 15 years. I have suffered obesity, food addiction, binge eating and diabetes (how it all started: http://youtu.be/Iffi3mDqt7s).

Sometimes I feel like quitting (http://youtu.be/4TKZOFugajo), but then I discover that there is nowhere to get to (http://youtu.be/cUFRchP6Omk) and come back discovering the gift of addiction (http://youtu.be/S4kY3qrT4XA)

I rap (http://youtu.be/fnSLMZVtDQY), study the science of food addiction (http://youtu.be/PkcofqaEjUg) and entertain you(http://youtu.be/44WxW1WKMqI). I do everything in my power to solve this riddle and have fun doing it. For you and for me.

These videos are the documentary on my weight loss journey. I hope to inspire others trough sharing myself http://youtu.be/5uVajeKY87g

The positive feedback from all of you inspires me to continue on this path and find a solution that works. Every like, comment and subscription empowers me to be the best I can be.

I want to celebrate this life with you in all it’s glory: http://youtu.be/pVqPw2JCqJs

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