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Behind the Scenes - Brave Faces (1min)

For two days, Diabetes Canada joined forces with a group of talented actors and singers, directors and producers, sound technicians and stylists to create a unique music video that would strike at the heart of diabetes like they’ve never done before. This music video makes a disease that is often invisible, except to those who live with it day in and day out, so much more visible and in a meaningful way.

The video features some of the many everyday people affected by diabetes, in daily and private times. In homes, in schools and in workplaces across the country, diabetes affects 11 million Canadian adults and young people, often relentlessly.

The emotional impact of the lyrics –a tender story revealing the quiet thoughts, challenges and anguish of people living with diabetes, in their own words– left the video’s performers with a new-found respect for the everyday battles that have to be fought. The desire to honour this daily struggle and strength is what motivated crew members to tackle the telling of this story.

Music from Eggplant Collective featuring Mary Milne

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