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Benefits of Negative Ions by Brandon Goji

Brandon Goji shares about how negative ions come about and their impact on health and longevity.

He shares about the research done by Dr. Noburo Horiguchi, who planted colorectal cancer cells into 2 groups of rats, with 1 group of rats being exposed to negative ions for 15 minutes, 4 times a day. In 2 months, the group of rats which were not exposed to negative ions had cancer cells that grew to more than 3 cm in size whereas the group of rats exposed to negative ions remained the same. Dr. Noburo Horiguchi shares that illnesses are mostly due to the acidification, oxidation and oxgen free radicals occurring in the body. One of the main causes of illness is polluted air which is oxidising and acidifying to the body. As technology evolves, human health seems to devolve due to a lack of recognition of health and the side effects of our current technology. Negative ions can reduce acidosis and oxidation in the body, which greatly reduces the risk of disease, including cancer. Dr. Noburo Horiguchi shares that by solidifying healthy elements, incurable cancers and other diseases can disappear.

Brandon conducts an experiment showing what negative ions are capable of doing and with proper amounts of negative ions, we can greatly improve our health, reduce the amount of pollution in the environment and even reduce odour at home. Brandon also introduced Nikola Tesla, who was able to create positive and negative ions ranging on the radio frequency emitted. This led to him discovering that positive ions made people lethargic whereas negative ions make people healthier. There is also an increase of serotonin when exposed to negative ions. Grounding has an optimal effect on negative ions, which helps to stop the clumping of blood cells.

Everyone should have negative ions in their home if they want to live longer, healthier lives. With negative ion technology, we are looking at rapid healing, immune enhancement, better mood, higher quality sleep, extended life and so much more. It is a part of Brandon Goji’s longevity lifestyle and we hope yours too.

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Improve your wellness and embark on a healthier lifestyle simply by changing what you wear! Our negative ion clothes made in Japan has Oekotex certification which means our fabric is free from common toxins such as carcinogenic dyes and heavy metals. Our negative ion clothes is also the only fabric that generates negative ions in such beneficial abundance which can support your wellness!

Want to know how negative ions can help you and your loved ones?

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For 44 years, from Japan to Taiwan, US, HK, Malaysia, Singapore, and globally, Negative ions have touched the lives of more than half a million people with the following health concerns, based on people’s personal testimonial sharing:

* Alzheimer’s |* Arthritis |* Asthma | * Bone Problems eg Bone Spur |* Cancer | * Cardiovascular Diseases | * Chronic Pain | * Cataract |* Depression | * Diabetes |* Digestion issues |* Eye diseases |* Eczema |* Frozen shoulder | * Gout | * Hypertension | * Incontinence | * Infertility | * Insomnia|* Joint Pains | * Kidney problems | * Knee Cap Pains | * Liver diseases | * Lupus | * Menstruation Pain | * Menopause symptoms | * Migraine | * Nasal allergy | * Osteoporosis | * Overweight/Obesity | * Parkinson’s disease | * Prostate Problem | * Psoriasis | * Rheumatoid Arthritis | * Sinus | * Sleep Apnea | * Slip Disc / Spine problems | * Snoring | * Spondylitis | * Stroke | * Thyroid | * Water retention


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