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Best Food for Diabetes - Story

How Jackfruit365 was created to help India fight diabetes.

VisIt website : https://goo.gl/EPSrR4

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* “Let Food be Thy Medicine” Hippocrates.

* JackFruit365 has higher satiation, high levels of fiber and lower calories & Glycemic Load compared to Wheat and Rice

* Freeze drying retains the original characteristics, flavour, taste, texture and nutrients of the jackfruit

* Neutral in taste and can be added easily to your favourite daily meal – Iddli, Dosa, Roti, Aloo Paratha, etc to increase vegetable and fruit intake

JackFruit365 is sliced and freeze-dried (dehydrated) from 1 Kg mature unripe pods of 100% natural “”wild”” jackfruits. The freeze-dried version of raw jackfruit is crisp and dry, weighing approximately 180 grams. Right before use, all that is required is to re-hydrate the pieces. In other words, soak it in plain warm water and they swell to their regular weight in about 10-15 minutes. JackFruit365 is neutral in taste and can be used to increase fibre, satiation (satisfies your appetite faster and maintains it for a longer a period of time) and reduce glycemic load* of a meal by preparing it as 100% carbohydrate or in combination with Rice and Wheat in a powder form.


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