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Bodies and Souls. A short film by Christie Herring, 2005.

“Bodies and Souls,” a short video by Christie Herring
Published on November 30, 2009
High resolution video updated on October 21, 2015

Bodies and Souls illuminates the quiet efforts of Sister Manette Durand, a white Catholic nun running the only health clinic in rural Jonestown, Mississippi. The residents of Jonestown, a largely African American town in the heart of the Delta, share a condition faced by low income, rural Americans struggling to obtain basic medical care. Nearly every family in this town is touched by diabetes and heart disease. Yet many lack the resources to visit a doctor more than once or twice in their entire lives. The video follows Sister Manette through her daily challenge of providing the only health care services this community has seen in the last fifteen years. Despite very limited resources, she keeps a refreshingly practical approach to faith, race, and poverty. Through intimate observational scenes of her with her patients, Bodies and Souls profiles Sister Manette’s labors “to help save bodies, so that the souls can come alive.”

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