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Braised Cabbage Cooking Demo

Jennifer Warren, M.D., of Physicians Healthy Weight Center, and Melissa Clifford, of Sweet Melissa’s Kitchen cook up delicious and healthy Swedish braised cabbage, http://www.healthyweightcenter.com

This, like the sweedish meatball recipe we have, is a simple healthy recipe that is part of the American Viking diet, based on the New Nordic diet. This is a diet that is similar to the Mediterranean diet, but is based on food traditionally eaten in Scandinavian countries. We are modifying the diet to fit American needs, tastes, preferences, and locally available foods. Some interesting facts about the new Nordic diet: it has been studied for over 10 years, has been shown to have significant health benefits including lowering inflammation, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure levels – issues commonly associated with prediabetes, Type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. The new Nordic diet also has weight benefits, important for the majority of Americans who are struggling to acheive a healthy weight. Research shows that people who are on the Nordic diet lost weight even when they were not counting calories or intentionally trying to limit food in an effort to lose weight. A very nice benefit! Watch for the American Viking Diet book, and read more on Dr. Warren’s Blog: http://healthyweightcenter.blogspot.com/2015/06/blog-american-viking-diet-new-diet-for.html


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