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Build A Better Diet - Family HD

The Center for Mindful Eating and Skelly Skills present “Build A Better Diet – Family” with Megrette Fletcher, M.Ed., RD, CDE author of Discover Mindful Eating for Kids. Come learn how you can offer this popular mindful eating for family class in your community. Build A Better Diet – Family is the program that Megrette co-developed and offers three times a year at a community hospital in Dover NH.

Megrette Fletcher is a cofounder of The Center for Mindful Eating. She is a co-author of two books, including Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes with Michelle MD, Discover Mindful Eating: A resource of handouts for health professionals, with Frederick Burggraf. Megrette is a professional speaker and spokes person in both the US and UK. She is a dietitian and certified diabetes educator and works in a diabetes clinic.

To learn more about Megrette’s work, visit http://megrette.com

To support these and other free mindful eating educational programs, please visit The Center for Mindful Eating at http://www.thecenterformindfuleating.org/donate – All donations are appreciated, and any amount is welcome!


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